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Audrey, 14 Indonesian | a hopeless dreamer

  • ⇒May 6th i’m terrified that i’ll end up alone.
    ⇒May 6th i used to think cutting was stupid and wonder why people did it. now im just addicted. its all i can do to run away from the things in my head.
    ⇒May 6th i really need to cut. right now. all these thoughts are clouding my mind and i need to run away from them. from everything.
    ⇒Apr 15th
    ⇒Apr 15th
    ⇒Apr 15th
    ⇒Apr 15th asfkljlsakjflkdjsafkljdlksjkljsgkljsdsadlgkjsdalgkjdgs get the fuck away! 
    ⇒Apr 12th this is so unbelievably cute <3 
    ⇒Apr 12th fairrose:

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